Ideas are only as impactful as the execution

Point Seven Labs is a new age production company, sitting at the crossroads of traditional serialized television and the ever evolving digital content landscape.

Taking a strategic approach to content development and execution, Point Seven Labs, builds effective campaigns that tell unique stories through various mediums.

Now the question on everyone’s mind… where our company name came from? Only 10 film lenses have ever been created that open to a .7 aperture. Point Seven Labs transcends the idea of keeping an open mind and endless possibilities when approaching all projects.

What We Do

  • Strategy + Development

    Work with our clients to evaluate their current content strategy and develop an effective plan that surpasses their expectations.

  • Building Teams

    Our network spans across a multitude of disciplines, which allows us to help our clients build the right teams for their content department goals.

  • Production

    Providing all production needs from camera equipment to lighting, sound, and the right team to execute any size project.

  • Post-Production

    Our team is very data-driven, allowing us to help clients with all post-production needs, keeping the platforms and audience at the forefront of all outputs.


The Team

  • Matt Cohen

    Born and raised in NYC, Matt cut his teeth assisting Hollywood EP’s on productions in the city. From there, he co-founded and built the global social/content agency, Laundry Service, until its sale to Wasserman Media Group.

    Co-Founder + Executive Producer

  • Eric Rhee

    TV producer and entrepreneur with a speciality in food and travel.

    Co-Founder + Executive Producer

  • Bernard Hunt

    Practices jiu-jitsu and muay thai while holding a camera.

    Producer + Cinematographer

  • Christopher Lewis

    Video Editor, Comedian, and veteran of the Vermont maple industry. Chris has over ten years of experience in Post Production as an Editor, Colorist, and Post Supervisor for fortune 500 brands and agencies.

    Post Production Supervisor

  • Sofia Monestier

    Trilingual editor, pushing myself to continue to prove why the future is female. In my spare time, I enjoy churrasco and long walks along the highline!


  • Aituar Nugmetullin

    Aituar is a graduate of the Hunter College film program and can also illustrate

    Assistant Camera / Editor

  • Ryan Falkner

    Ryan’s a multi-talented creative who can act, direct, draw, and cook.

    Creative Consultant