A studio focused on safety and quality content

Studio Overview

Point Seven Labs has recently built and opened a studio in the heart of New York City for photo and video shoots.  The studio launched during the Covid-19 pandemic to provide a safe production environment without compromising quality.

We have adopted best practices on how to provide a safe environment for our clients and team members while ensuring we capture content that meets film and television standards.  From PPE for anyone coming to the studio to the ability to remote conference in, we are able to find solutions for all content needs.  These services include:

  • E-commerce Photo & Video

  • Fashion Photo & Video

  • Video Interviews (In-studio or remote conferencing)

  • Teleprompter script and/or speech recording

  • Stop motion videos

How it Works

  • Our studio is sanitized before each use and offers a contactless production if requested. A team member can escort clients from the front of the building into a private elevator to our studio.

  • Anyone entering the studio is required to get their temperature checked, hands sanitized, and wear masks and gloves at all times. We can provide these PPE items to our clients and team members.

  • We will keep the number of people in studio to a minimum and maintain safe distances throughout the shoot.  We also offer the ability for clients, producers and directors to video conference from anywhere.

Work Samples


Fashion e-comm photo with model

Fashion e-commerce photoshoot on a white backdrop

Fashion e-comm product photo

Product photo for fashion e-comm

Fashion Full Body

Fashion catalog photoshoot on dark background

Lifestyle Jewelry

Jewelry e-commerce advertisement

Food & Beverage

Cocktail videos and photos

Cocktail videos and photos filmed in a studio

Video and photoshoot for e-commerce

Video and photo content shot in a studio with food stylist

Social media content

Social media content for food brand

Nutrition brand

Nutrition e-comm and social media content


Lifestyle e-comm photoshoot

Website content for lifestyle e-comm brand

Lifestyle e-comm campaign

Advertising campaign content for lifestyle e-comm brand

Beauty and Skincare Photography

Videos and photos for skincare brand

E-comm photo for website

Product photography for website


Studio Setup

Point Seven Labs studio setup

BTS of Interview setup

Socially distanced video interview

Interview Video and Stills

Interview on a pink backdrop for a brand explainer video

Interview Video

Interview video on a textured backdrop


Pricing for the studio is available and flexible to work with the various constraints.  We offer ways to just rent the studio, any equipment, or full-service production solutions.

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121 W. 27th Street
Suite 1102
New York, NY 10001